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RCP Films International presents...
2003 Manila FilmFest Official Entry... Endorsed by the Department of Education... Rated B by the Cinema Film Ratings Board... Screenplay by Robinhood Padilla and Ricardo "Bebong" Osorio... Produced by Robinhood Carino Padilla and Jacky Woo... Directed by Ricardo "Bebong" Osorio.

Robin produces quality film

The Film "Alab ng Lahi" is the fulfillment of a longtime dream for Robin Padilla. The story is set in 1946 after the Japanese Imperial Army surrenders to American forces. Robin plays Gregorio Magtanggol, a Hukbalahap member, who continues the fight against abusive civilian guards after World War II.

Robin Padilla gives a fine performance as a guerrilla fighter turned Huk. His co-star, Jacky Woo, a Japanese actor trying to make his mark in Philippine movies, plays Yamato, a Japanese soldier who becomes his good friend and leads him to a buried treasure to be distributed to the peasants.

Also in the cast are Eddie Garcia and Raymond Bagatsing portraying the roles of the abusive civilian guards who killed Robin's wife, played by Princess Punzalan and sister, played by Ilonah Jean. Brother Rommel Padilla also apprears in the movie.

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Robin's fascination for history

According to the action star, ever since he was small, he has had a fascination for Philippine history. “Ito talaga ang gusto kong gawin…noon pa, noon pa! Kaya nga ako nag-produce", Robin explains. Robin shares that he gets a different kind of fulfillment making films such as ‘Alab’, “mas gusto ko, merong binibigay sa aking kakaibang kasiyahan.”

Robin admits that he has made movies in the past that, given a choice, he would not have done. Apparently, the actor seems to be tired of all the gimmicks that he has to do in every movie that he makes. “Ang gusto nilang gawin ko, patindi nang patindi. Tama na!”, he laments.

Thus, Robin keeps looking for projects that are more meaningful and fulfilling. He shares that when he and his brothers were in the U.S., this was one of their favorite topics for discussion. “Napag-usapan naming bakit ang Pilipino di niya alam ang pagka-Pilipino niya? Pagdating sa Pilipinas, hindi siya disiplinado. Tamad. Pagdating sa America, and sipag! Bakit? Iniisip namin, ang problema, ang Pilipino, hindi niya alam kung saan siya galing. Dahil sa sobrang daming kultura niya, hindi na niya alam kung ano siya.” Robin cites as an example the fact that not many Filipinos know that there was such a thing as the Philippine-American War.

Because of this, Robin has several other projects lined up, all with historical themes, to widen the audience’s knowledge of history. His next film is ‘Diego Silang’ while he is also slated to do a film on the Macabebes of Pampanga, those who are often portrayed as traitors to their countrymen. Robin, however, wants to show the real story behind the tell-tale. - Edmund L. Sicam

Ultimately, Robin hopes to make more movies with significance… And wishes that his fans will understand and support his quest for exellence...

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